Monday, 4 January 2010

The Hotel Project thats finally ended.....I hope!!

Thought I would upload the final images that I used in my presentation for the quality advisor from Visit Scotland, tutors etc!

The project towards the end of term, really began to drag on and I think we were all really glad to finish it! I really wanted to create images that went against vectorworks evil ways and create something that tried to echo a comfortable environment, which hopefully I have achieved. This is probably why the project felt like it would never end, we had good ideas, its just really hard to replicate this from your imagination to computer.

Here's the background info bit on what I wanted my hotel to achieve:

Rural 5 star hotel. Located at Loch Fyne, Inverarary

I wanted to create a hotel that was aimed at couples and families, that could be used as a retreat. Somewhere that you could use as a base point for the morning/afternoon and go off and explore the local area and could return home and just relax and be pampered. By providing a spa in the hotel, it not only has the function of going there to relax at the end of a tiring day but is also incredibly useful for those horrible rainy Scottish days when you just don't want to venture out.
   I didn't want to go down the cliched routes of tartan and more tartan, so I decided to look at the colours and textures of the Scottish landscape. I particularly liked the work of the Italian designer Paola Lenti who creates rugs, sofas, cushions etc from knitted and woven fabrics that are really hardwearing and robust. I thought this was quite an unusual way of for me to replicate the harsh textures of our landscape.
   I've balanced these textures in the bedroom with fluffy lambwool covererd chairs, soft woven fabrics for the sofas, stained walnut flooring, tulip wood and limestone. In the suite I have designed a sliding wall which slides into a structure that acts as storage on the bedroom side and a hole in the wall fireplace/wall for television on the living/dining side. i didn't want each room to be completely seperated off from the others permanently and thought the idea of having the areas divided only when you wanted them to be, to be more effective,  therefore allowing the space to feel more spacious.
   In the spa I've opted for moss greens in the hair salon and darker browns and pinks for the relaxing area. i wanted to create a really luxurious space so I've detailed it with a highly decorative light in the salon that creates a twinkly effect against the large mirrors. I've also separated each space using voile's so the space feels less confined, it also makes the space more sumptuous. In the relaxing areas I've detailed for there to be a groove where tea lights can be placed, adding to the relaxing ambiance.