Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Its been a while.....

Well nearly a year on and I've finally got round to posting a new blog entry...I've been lazy I know! I don't think you actually realise how little free time you have during your final year at Uni (that's my excuse anyway :) )
   I've just finished my Honours Degree in Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art where I achieved a Second Class Upper (2.1) so I am now on the job hunt journey! I've also just completed my new website where I can showcase my portfolio and hopefully gather some interest.
   This whole new journey is incredibly exciting and I really can't wait until I get THAT job that I've always dreamed of doing! I also don't think its really sunk in yet that I've actually finished uni and I won't be spending anymore time in the mac, standing infront of classmates doing crits and spending endless amounta of time in the studio! I'll miss it :(
   In the next couple of days I'll post some pictures from my folio and also some Photographs from the degree show!